Two frosty evenings

Average last frost date is May 10th.

Average last frost date is May 10th.

With an infant, I haven’t had much time to putter in the garden. I’ve given our daughter the grand tour of the front and back yard, but you can’t weed very well while wearing a Baby Bjorn. And yes, there are a ton of weeds — holdovers from last fall when it was harder and harder to bend over my big prego belly.

I also didn’t get a good chance to mulch before winter. Some plants survived. Some died. And some were nibbled to nubs by a very well-fed bunny who now lives under our garage. Ah, if only the big bunny would eat the sprouts of buckthorn propagated by my neighbor’s bushes instead of my Carefree Sunshine rose bush…

Planning, planting, weeding — I’ve got a lot of catch up to do and our two frosty evenings were a nice reminder that I can slow down a bit. Depending upon who you talk to, the average last frost date in Minnesota is somewhere between May 10-20th — and woe be to any gardener who tries to plants heat loving veggies like tomatoes and peppers before Memorial Day Weekend.

This morning, I uncovered my dwarf cherry tree. A few branches of blooms looked a little freezer burned, but I still think I’ll get a nice harvest this year.

How did your plants do? Did you bother covering your early bloomers and tender seedlings?