Zone 5 in Minnesota?

Oh, how many times have I opened a garden catalog and swooned over a plant, only to see that it’s only hardy to Zone 5?  One year I got brave and decided to try out a hardy hibiscus.  This beautiful plant came back for 3 years, rewarding me with flowers as big as dinner plates, then succumbed to an especially cold year.

Well, as many of us have suspected, we are just on the cusp of zone 5 here in Minneapolis… and the new USDA gardening zone maps show a little area around the airport as Zone 5a!

The USDA has a fantastic interactive map, where you can zoom around and explore.

I have zone envy














So, do you live in the new Zone 5?  LUCKY YOU!  What are you going to plant first?  I would go for this stunning Harlequin Hydrangea.  And maybe give that hardy hibiscus another shot.

One Response to Zone 5 in Minnesota?
  1. Jodi

    I am four blocks north of the cutoff! Hmmm, maybe by 2015 I’ll be in zone 5.