Brugmansia watch

One month ago, I shared this picture:

Brugmansia, early JuneAnd now, almost exactly one month later, check this thing out!

Brugmansia, early JulyThis plant is now officially taller than me.  I can’t wait for it to begin blooming, filling my yard and home with its heavenly scent.

Brugmansia watch, mid-June

A few weeks ago, we hauled this giant plant up out of the basement.  I gave it a nice long drink of fertilized water to wake it up and then braced myself for the amazing growth of this tropical giant!  If you recall, this is what the plant looks like dormant:

Dormant BrugmansiaAnd here it is, after just 3 weeks in the sun:Brugmansia June

This plant will grow to be over 6 feet tall with giant tropical blooms that smell heavenly. It’s an incredibly rewarding plant but requires serious maintenance: daily watering and weekly fertilizer.  I love it, though, for making my deck feel like the tropics and adding an exotic element to my garden.

Brugmansia watch, mid-March

Overwinter Brugmansia

Overwintering brugmansia

This is a beautiful plant, no?

Okay, maybe not.  But it will be!

This is a 3 year old Brugmansia, also known as an Angel’s Trumpet. It may not look like much now, but in just a few months this will be a spectacular 8+ foot tall plant with beautiful, pendulous trumpet flowers.

Each fall, we chop it down to roughly 18″ stalks and haul it down to the basement.  No easy feat, as you can imagine this sucker is HEAVY. Last year’s casualty was a sore back and a few nasty bruises.

To overwinter this plant, we put it in a cool dark place and let it go dormant by only watering about once a month. Once this plant gets back into the sunlight with regular watering, it bounces right back to life.

(bike tires not necessary for successful overwintering)

In addition to this monster plant, we have about 4-5 other plans that spend the winter in our basement. They usually look like they’re on the verge of death by the time spring comes but we haven’t lost one yet.

Anyone got any experience or advice on overwintering plants?

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